Original title: Peel
2013 // 2D Animation
Duration: 1'08'' // Country: Portugal
Production: Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto
It's early morning and we get to know how lost are the thoughts of this girl, through a metaphorical synaesthesia that leads us into an unfulfilled love story.
Selected screenings: CINANIMA 2013; Monstra, 2014; Prémio Nacional de Animação 2013; Cinema City, Serbia 2013; Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, 2013; Euroshorts Gdánsk, 2013; Women Media Arts and Film Festival, 2013;  Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival, 2013; Indie Boots, 2013.
Written, Directed, Designed and Animated by: Natália Azevedo Andrade
Consultant: Zsolt Richly
Song: Arnaldo Andrade
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